Below is Buckeye
Bekka at 12 weeks old.
Below is Bekka at 10 months  
old with her Aunt Sheena.
Bekka was appraised
10/26/12 and scored best
female of the day and a 89.6!!
Buckeye Sadie was produced from our
breeding with Buckeye Star and Groenberg
Jaap. Below are pics of her at the appraisal.
Below is our newest
Sebastian at 6 wks.
Picture below is of
Sebastian at 12 Months old.
Below is Sebastian at
12 MO'S old.
Below is our other male
import. He is Middlepos
Red Baron. Pictured
below at 8 weeks old.
Baron at 17 weeks old.
Baron with Zoey at 17
weeks old.
Below are pictures of Middlepos Red Baron. He is really filling out nicely! Most of these
pics he was 14 Months old. He is now 17 Mo's, 28" and 160 lbs. Congratulations Baron
on your appraisal score on 10/26/12. Baron was
Top male of the day and scored an 89.9
at 17 months old and Bekka was top female scoring a 89.6 at 16 months old...
Below are our up and
coming Boerboels that
will be used exclusively
in our breeding program.
They all bring substance,
bone, stable
temperament and  
impeccable bloodlines
into our breeding
program. Our studs here
at Buckeye Boerboels
are Middlepos Sebastian,
Middelpos Baron and  
Buckeye Malaki.
great strength and substance
and he is a proven producer
and deep mahogany in color.
Below is Buckeye Sadie
at 12 Mo's old at the
2012 appraisal...
Below is Sebastian at 8
Mo's. Star is behind him.
We couldn't have asked for
a Boerboel with a better
temperament, tremendous
substance and he's just a
fantastic all around dog!!!
Below is Middelpos
Sebastian at 12 Months.
On 10/26/12 Sebastian
was appraised and
scored an 86.9.
Above is Baron at 22 MO'S.
Below is our newest
import-Tigerberg Dakota.
Pictures above are
of Buckeye Sookie
at 11 months old.
She is out of
Buckeye Star and
Spitzvuur Xilo. Her
aunt sheena is in
the pic's with her.
Below is Tigerberg Dakota at 4
Mo's old. We imported her last
summer. We have high hopes for
her and she is a black Brindle.
Below is a link on youtube
of a video I made of Baron
boy at 19 months... If the
link doesn't work just go
to Youtube and click in
Buckeye boerboels.
The 2 pictures on
left are of Buckeye
Bekka. She is
Below are pictures of
Buckeye Malaki. He
was appraised in April
2014 and scored a 92.4