Buckeye Simba
Below are pictures of Simba at 15 Mo's old and she is 27" and
weighs 144lbs. She was produced by Dopper Dodo and Afrika
Breker here at Buckeye Boerboels. She is a very social and
loyal girl, yet with very protective instincts. She has developed
into a very big, powerful female with great movement. She was
appraised on 11-08-07 and scored an awesome
88.0!!! We are
so proud of you Miss Simba! Simba will be bred this summer
and we are looking forward to this breeding as she always
produces very nice puppies with a lot of substance.
Simba's puppy picture at
8 weeks old. Even at this
young age we knew she'd
grow up to be our lioness.
Above picture is Simba
at just 7 Mo's old.
Below are pictures of Buckeye Malaki at 10 Mo's
old. We kept him back from Simba and Afrika
Brody's breeding. He definetly takes after his mom
as he has her size, substance and body type.
Simba is no longer with
us as she passed away
in October of 2013. She
is sadly missed by us
and especially her sister
Star as they inseparable.
She did leave us with
Beautiful Mckenzie and
Big Malaki.