Welcome to Buckeye Sable's page. We kept her back from our
breeding with Buckeye Simba and Silvercreek Buda. She is very
massive yet correct. She is a no-nonsense girl when needed.
Sable is extremely athletic with great movement. Sable is very
affectionate to us and is fine with strangers when properly
introduced. She loves to run and play and is high spirited, so she
must be watched when playing with our other girls. For a big girl
she is graceful and truly loves playing with the other dog's. She is
a very loyal girl and warms up to people quickly in my
presence.                                                                 .
Below is Sable with her
niece Sheena learning
how to ice-scate...
Sable at 12 weeks old.
Buckeye Sable at 15 Mo's old and 27" and 139lbs.
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Below are pictures of
Sable's mom,
Buckeye Simba.