Left and right are pics of my little
helper, Sammy. He is a future
boerboel enthusiast and here he
is playing with Star's last litter.
Above and below is our
boy Malaki at 30 Mo's
old. He is an imposing
figure of strength with
great bone and
substance. Malaki
scored 92.2 at his
appraisal which is
awesome for a dog his
size. He is 27" and vet
weighed 165lbs. Malaki
is a no-nonsense type
of dog and if he looks
like he will do it,
chances are he will.
Puppies are chosen by order of deposit.
Deposits are $500 and non-refundable
USA money/postal orders,cashier's checks accepted.
All puppies are to be paid in full before 7 weeks of age.
We provide Hip, health and appraisal guarantees on all
breeding quality puppies.
All puppies are De-wormed, Vaccinated and vet checked.
Shipping Available in the USA. Approximately $430.00
Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.
Puppies are available after 8 weeks of age.                       
We offer lifetime support to anyone adopting a puppy.  
Our puppies are $2,500.00              
All of our puppies and
Adults are on an all
Natural, Holistic diet
which means NO Corn,
NO Wheat, NO Soy, NO
Gluten, NO Animal
By-Products, NO
Chemical Dyes-ONLY
Natural, Wholesome
Human grade
ingredients for our pets.
Charlie Ann-owned by a friend
of mine
was bred to Middelpos
Baron and she had a beautiful
litter on 01/03/1
9. We will be
breeding Sookie and Savannah
in the Spring of 2019.
Left and right is a couple
pictures of Star's new
whelping box. I will be
attaching an H-bracket
made out of wood with 2
slats that can close up
the front opening when
the puppies get older.
Below are a few pictures of some of the
dog's we've produced here. You can also
click on "PREVIOUS" on our tool bar to
view other dog's that we've produced
here at Buckeye Boerboels.
Above and below are
pictures are of
Middelpos Baron. Baron
appraised 90.2
Baron is a deep
mahogany color, 28.6" at
the withers and was vet
weighed,187lbs. He is
very even tempered, loyal
and affectionate.
John, You may not remember me-I bought I purchased a female out
of Starr almost seven years ago. She was named Buble & has been a
part of our home ever since—you had numerous pics of her first yr. on
your web site. I saw a side of Boerboels  I’d heard of , but not seen
last night.  She usually stays with my wife & daughter in the family
room until they go to bed & then comes on my bed for the rest of the
night. Last night she & her son were very agitated at about 1:00 am—
I checked the drive & there were no intruders, but both doge were
very agitated. Finally about 2:00 I let them out & smelled the reason
for their agitation—we had a bear near the house (I’m very rural).  
The bear apparently departed & and about 2:00 both dogs went to
their respective sleeping areas. About 4:00 Buble awoke from a deep
sleep & just about went through the window. The bear was only about
20’ from our window & she was in full attack mode. I can’t imagine
facing that animal in that attack mode—she has no concerns about
deer (they’ll be no more than 30’ apart) or even fox which like to use a
tree stump 20’ from the house, but the bear pushed all her buttons, &
I now understand why they’re prized as guard dogs. Roger  
Below is a testimony from a
gentleman who purchased a
Boerboel from me many years
ago, just to give you an idea
how they will protect your family.
On the left are pictures
of Sadie/Baron's pups at
8 weeks old. They have
all been placed in
wonderful homes!
Left is a pic of
Sadie's pup from
2014 and my
beloved Zoey - who
we un expectantly
lost this past year.  
We miss her so
much and she was
my best friend.
Below are pictures of
Baron and Charlie's
at 5 weeks old. All
puppies have been sold
and are in their new
Below is an amazing testimonial I received
from a client who purchased a female
puppy from me awhile back.
Left is Buckeye
McHumba. He is
29 1/2" and vet
weighed 162lbs.  
He just appraised
Left is Falcon,
McHumba's son
that we now own.
We have big plans
for this little guy...