Above picture is Simba.
She is fearless even @
8week's old. She is our
'lil Lioness..
Above is Rocky at 8
weeks old. He now
resides in Canton,Ohio
and is owned by James
Stoneman. He came by
the name Rocky
honestly--just watch him
interact with his litter
mates for 10 minutes...
Above picture is of
Rocky @ 10Mo's old.
25" 125lbs. He WAS
the "Runt" of the
litter! Congrats on
your appraisal score
Left and below are pictures of
Ratel... He is owned by
Lindsey of Western Boerboels.
Below is Ratel at only 8
months old! He is very social
and mellow. Ratel was
appraised and scored an
at 12Mo's old! Ratel received
his PennHIP analysis score
and it is an amazing
Which means his hip's are
almost perfect!!!

Above and below photo's
are of Simba and Star
7Mo's old at our home.
Above is Star @7mo's
old. On 11-08-07 Star was
appraised and received
87.6% and her
score is 35/35...
Great job Star!!!
Above is Simba at 7Mo's  
old. Simba was appraised
on 11-08-07 and received
an awesome score of

Above picture-Star found
a mud puddle to dig in.
To this date she still
loves to play in the mud!!!
This is Samson at 8weeks old.
He is nothing short of Majestic.
He is owned by Mr. Peter Kelly.
Rocky again at 1yr. with
his proud owner, James
Stoneman. It is sad that I
have to say my dear friend
James has passed away.
He was a great guy who
always put others before
Congratulations to Rocky, James
and Jeri on obtaining your

Therapy Dog Institute  Certificate

and for bringing much happiness
with your visits to those who are
less fortunate then the rest of us...
Left photo is
Frannie at 12
Mo's old on
vacation with
Mitch and
Even at 8 weeks old
Simba knows when to
leave mom alone and to
find a litter mate to stalk..
Matriarch Dopper Dodo just
8 weeks after whelping a
litter of 12 puppies.
Frannie finally relaxing. She
will be residing on a horse
farm in Indiana living a life of
luxury with her owner Mitch
Schultz and family.
Left picture
is Jake and
he now
resides in
On the left is
Miah at her
new home
Canada. She
is on the
right  with
her male
friend on left.
Above Picture is of
Penny in her new
home at 14 Mo's old.
Above is Rocky with his
Grandmother, Carole
Stoneman at his first
therapy visit at an
assisted living facility.  
Jeri Finley trained Rocky
and made it possible for
him to obtain his therapy
dog certification. Thank
you Jeri, Carol and
James for all your hard
work and dedication...
Aove and below pictures are of
Rocky visiting children at Mercer
Hospital bringing much joy and
happiness to children that truly
appreciated his visit. Rocky
caught on right away of why he
was there and he visited
everyone offering his big Doggie
body for hugs and kisses! Much
thanks for James, his mom
Carole and Jeri for doing a such a
wonderful job with Rocky and for
all the time they devote to visiting
folks and children. Their face can
light up a room when they see
Below are pictures of
our puppies that
Dodo and Breker
produced. This was
an amazing breeding
that produced
massive puppies
with outstanding hip
scores and very high
appraisal scores,
along with stable
This Breeding was magical and you
might say that "
we caught lightning in
a bottle
" considering the appraisal
scores, hip scores and temperaments
that each puppy has achieved as
young adults.
Above is Breker boy the
sire of this litter. He has
great movement,
excellent hips and a
wonderful temperament.
Picture on left is Rocky
with trainer, Jeri Finley
at Mercer Medical
Center  enjoying their
therapy visit with
Below is Samson at his
appraisal on 5-31-08. He
scored a fantastic  
Great job Pete and Samson
On right is
(3) three
and her
mom Star.