Below are pictures of Mckenzie's female puppy that
we kept back, Buckeye Bekka.
Below are more pictures of McKenzie at 2 years old.
Below are pictures of
McKenzie at 16 Mo's old.
Below are picture's of McKenzie and her daughter Bekka. McKenzie is a robust girl
with a lot of athleticism. She was produced from our breeding with Buckeye Simba
and Africa Brody. McKenzie is very active, playful, affectionate and completely full of
herself. She is one of the most
entertaining boerboel's we have ever had and
she is full of energy. McKenzie is extremely correct with a lot of well
defined muscle. Congratulations Mckenzie on your appraisal score of 87.5
at 14 Mo's old... McKenzie is very correct, extremely agile with high energy.
Baron will bring size, bone and substance to this breeding as he is 28" and
vet weighed 184 lbs. Baron and McKenzie both have very stable
temperaments with strong  protective instincts over their families.
Above is Middelpos
Baron.  Go to his page
to see more pictures.
Bekka at 8 weeks old
Bekka at 8 months old
Bekka at 8 months old
with her Aunt Sheena.
Buckeye McKenzie with
her Aunt Star.
Left is Mckenzie at 16
weeks old taking a nap  
with her Aunt Star.
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