If you would like information on upcoming boerboel litters or
additional information about our dogs, our breeding
program, referrals, prices, testimonies, etc... Please contact
us via email. We accept only a
limited number of deposits
after pregnancy has been confirmed which is by ultrasound
usually 28 days after Ovulation. We accept additional
deposits after the puppies are born and we are able to get an
actual puppy count and able to sex them. We require a
$500.00 deposit to be placed on our waiting list. We pride
ourselves in producing outstanding litters of South African
Boerboels that will be extremely massive without sacrificing
health issues, stable temperaments and outstanding hip
scores. You can view current
puppy pictures on our Puppy
page. You can view Dodo's past litter along with adult
pictures of her puppies on our "
previous" page. We are
located in a rural setting in Ohio approximately 30 minutes
S.W. of Cleveland and 20 minutes West of Cleveland Hopkins
Airport. Our puppies are only placed into
select loving
Please see policy page regarding our criteria to being placed
on our waiting list.
John Machovina
See pictures below of our additional kennels Each
kennel run is 5'x10' and they open into a 80'x90' play area. It was all
grass before the bobcat delivered 32 loads of concrete but into a pile
for me to spread with my shovel!!! We now have a permanent roof over
these kennels along with privacy fence in front of the kennels to
protect them from the weather. In these pictures, the kennels have a
canvas cover over them. This was temporary and we have since built a
permanent structure overhead. Our other kennels are very large which
includes with huge run areas and large stalls inside of the kennel
building. We alternate bringing a couple girls in the house at a time
and all of our dogs are able to get as much exercise and play time as
they want.
Below are pictures of our new kennels finished. 4 Kennels have a solid roof
over them and 3 with a canvas covering them along with privacy fence to block
wind, rain and snow. The kennel doors are kept open for their convenience...
Adjoining this kennel run is
our other very large run with a
barn and stalls for our dog's.
In this picture is 3 generations
of our dog's. Breker on left,
middle is Jasmine who is his
Grandaughter, and far right is
Star, who is Breker's
daughter and Jasmine's
mother. Jasmine is only 10
Mo's old in this picture.
Above pictures are of our kennels after we poured the concrete
and placed the prefabricated kennel runs on it. We placed a
kennel canvas top over the kennels for temporary protection.
This is a pic of the adjoining kennel run. It is the same
size and next to it, is a 3rd kennel run also the same size.
There are two more runs on the other side of the barn.
Below is new kennel
run I just finished. I
used welded hog wire.
It is 37'X18'.
Simba and McKenzie
love this new run. It
opens up into the
kennel and they both
have their own stall to
sleep in. The run is
This is the 3rd run I
added along with a
gravel pathway leading
up to the kennel
building. This run is